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“The Garden Clinic” chats with Daniel Low

Why fertilising is equally important in Winter

Gavin Woods joins the Five AA team on The Weekend Show

Why its beneficial to fertilise your plants in winter

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss how microbes link with plant seeds

Why do some plants need more of one micronutrient than others?

Rachael Matushka of Treloar Roses talks with Michael Keelan and the FiveAA Weekend show

How the control of soil bacteria and bacteriophages helps your Garden

Drought Tolerance in trees and fungal diversity – Dr Uwe Stroeher and Graham Ross

Fertilising native plants – The Weekend Show on FiveAA and Dr Uwe dispel the myth

Microbes and their influence on plant ‘communities’ – with Graham Ross and Uwe Stroeher

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher explain how humates benefit your soil

To Mulch or not to Mulch! The benefits of mulching.

Matching fertiliser to your plants- “The Garden Clinic” with Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher

Add your Autumn leaves to your compost bin-Dr Uwe Stroeher and Graham Ross.

What should you do with your Autumn leaves?

Why using nutrient rich fertiliser is better than traditional Blood n Bone’.

How does seaweed protect your garden? - Dr Uwe and the FiveAA Weekend Crew

How to enhance microbe diversity in your soil- Graham Ross and Dr Uwe Stroeher discuss

Improving soil structure with Seamungus- Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss

Dr Uwe and the FiveAA team discuss the benefits of earthworms

Dr Uwe and The Weekend Show on FiveAA discuss the benefits of mulching

“The Weekend Clinic” with Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss the supermulch Whoflungdung

Graham Ross talks about super mulch Whoflungdung

Autumn lawn care - The Weekend Show with Dr Uwe

Advise on how to care for your lawn in Autumn - Graham Ross and Dr Uwe

How to aid plant recovery in Autumn- Graham Ross and Dr. Uwe Stroeher

The best way to fertilise your fruit trees - Weekend Show with Michael , Leith and Dr Uwe

Michael Keelan and Dr. Uwe Stroeher discuss How to aid plant recovery in Autumn.

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss how the use of Seamungus can revive your garden after a heatwave

Effect of rain on soil microbes - The Garden Clinic with Graham Ross and Dr Uwe

Graham Ross and Dr Uwe discuss how to create a good balance of insect diversity and health in your garden

The benefits of insects and insect diversity in your garden- Dr Uwe talks with the 5AA team

Dr Uwe explains the difference between compost and fertilizer

Tribe FM interview Merv Trimper, co-ordinator of the National Rose Trial Gardens in South Australia

Dr Uwe talks about best practice to fertilise your potted plants

Dr Uwe advises best practice for sandy soils water repellence and how to improve them

Heat stress and how plants respond- Dr Uwe with Michael Keelan (continued)

How to help your garden recover after a heatwave- Dr Uwe with Michael Keelan

Rare fruit trees & veggies- Mark Henley & Michael Keelan on FIVEaa

Michael Keelan with Rachael Matuschka from Treloar Roses

Natives and Bush Tucker- Angus Stewart with Michael Keelan

Clay soils- Dr. Uwe and Michael Keelan on FIVEaa

Antibiotics in the soil- Dr Uwe talks to FIVEaa’s Michael Keelan

Phosphate-sensitive plants- Dr Uwe and Michael Keelan

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Neutrog’s Gyganic for fruit & citrus- Graham Ross

Dr. Uwe talks about Bush Tucker, climate change & microbes

What do garden chemicals do to Soil Microbes?

Green Manure Crops and Nitrogen Fixation

Soil health, soil temperature and microbes – what to do in Spring

Dr Uwe discussing your garden’s PH and ASH from your fireplace

WhoFlungDung: Dr Uwe & Graham Ross talk SUPER MULCH

Graham Ross on GOGO Juice – rejuvenate your soil

Expert’s Choice video: Kelvin Trimper on Sudden Impact For Roses

Expert’s Choice video: Andy Hart, International Rose Garden, Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Neutrog Difference

Expert’s Choice Video: Angus Stewart & Simon Leake on Fertilising Natives

Little Sprouts Kitchen video – Adelaide Botanic Gardens

GoGo Juice Explained

Neutrog – South Australian Telstra Business Awards Winner 2010

Angus Irwin on 5AA

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