A common misconception of many gardeners is to only mulch during the hot weather in order to protect plants from heat stress and to suppress weeds, however there are a huge number of benefits of applying it in winter too – the most obvious are weed suppression and of course regulating soil temperature by placing an insulating blanket of organic matter down. However, a good organic mulch such as Whoflungdung will also encourage earthworms to come to the surface, thereby aerating your soil and moving nutrients deeper in the soil profile.

If you have sandy soils, applying Whoflungdung will allow the soil microbes to break it down and get some organic material into the soil, which will improve the water and nutrient-holding capacity, which is often lacking in sandy conditions. If you’re on a block with a slope, then mulch can help prevent erosion from heavy rain, as the rain needs to percolate through the mulch – an added benefit is that you end up with less runoff and more water absorbed into the soil.


Spring tip: After dealing with any weeds that may have sprung up over winter, give your garden an insulating layer of  Whoflungdung. For added benefit, place a layer of newspaper over the soil before the mulch as this will smother any existing weeds and prevent any seeds from sprouting.  Any garden looks so much better once it has been freshly mulched – especially with Whoflungdung. If you have roses, the best time to mulch is after they’ve been pruned, as it is easier to move between the rose bushes without damaging the fragile young shoots.


whoflungdungAbout Whoflungdung – Whoflungdung is a biologically activated, nutrient rich, weed free, absorbent, super mulch. It’s composted, inoculated with eNcase and filled with nutrients, so that when added to soil it introduces a wide diversity of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria readily proliferate through the soil, acting as a barrier/deterrent to pathogenic bacteria, providing a safe environment for healthy plant growth.

Additionally, Whoflungdung is sustainable – it is a recycled waste product, made up of straw and wood shavings screened from chicken manure. In many instances Neutrog supplies the fertiliser that grows the crop from which the straw is sourced…now that’s sustainability! Most significantly, Whoflungdung reduces, if not eliminates, the nitrogen draw-down which is often reflected in plants after mulch has been applied. Apart from reducing weeds, many users also happily report that blackbirds don’t like it.

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